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Romina Johnson

Romina Johnson known for the monster garage hit “Moving too fast” remixed by the Artful Dodger a uk number 2 chart penned in the year 2000.Romina  was born in Rome, in 1973 into a musical family. In the 1960 her father left the United States to travel the world to pursue his career as a musician.

He started as a bass player and by the 1970s, he was an accomplished solo singer known Italy and Europe and sold over 12 million copies throughout his career as a recording artist.

Romina was surrounded by music and musicians all her life.  She grew up listening mostly to soul, funk, R&B and jazz later on.......

A. Franklin, J. Brown, S. Wonder, O'Jays, Motown, Prince,Chaka khan, Earth wind and fire and many others were part of her mom music collection…..So by the age of 4 Romina already wanted to be a singer and follow her fathers footsteps. Her ever first  working experience was at the age of 12 touring with her father Wess Johnson as a backing singer.

Later on at the age of 20 she joined a band called "Second Floor", and signed her first deal with Rossiter Road. She recorded her first ep then a single "Love and Happiness" which features a duet with her father Wess soon after  her debut album in 1998 “Simply passion” which includes the original version of "Moving too fast".

After 3 years she decided to continue her career as solo artiste and 1999 she moved to London.

After having a mojor success with her hit single  Romina released her second album “Superbad” in Europe & Japan and performed over 90 dates in the uk  including london famous  summer festival “Party in the park” sharing same stage with artists such as Cristina Aguilera, D. Child,Lionel Ritchie and many others…Today Romina is considered to be one of the UK most rated underground soul vocalist and her long list of recordings goes from R&B/Soul to Dance/garage music. Over the years she had the pleasure to collaborate with international DJs like “Bini and Martini, Caludio Coccoluto,Dino Lenni,The Artful Dodger and George Morel” ..Also she worked as a session singer with artiste such as the “Spice Girls,MikeFrancis,Us3,Odessey,and Mika”..

From 2002 Romina  has been fallen back under more soulful wings, featuring on “D-influence” d-vas album together with artists such as Ultra Nate, Shola Ama ,Dee C lee and others… Another soulful project released by Dome Records “the colour of my soul” Romina  shared with the likes of  Carleen Anderson,Cece Peninston etc.. Then in 2005 the single  “What can I do” on the “London Soul compilation”sponsored by Adrian Gibbs which again features the cream of uk and international soul performers such as Omar, Angie Stone, Terry Walker, Lewis Taylor, Don-e etc.

May 2008  “Soul River” was her latest  Japanese release that received a lot of love from  “soul lovers” radio and media world wide.Over the years Romina has appeared on “Top of The Pops”,“Cd Uk, “Top of the Pops live in Sheffield” and recently in 2011 she appeared on “Never mind the buzz Cocks”.


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