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Nice and Smooth

Nice & Smooth are an East Coast hip hop duo from New York that consists of Greg Nice (Greg Mays) and Smooth B (Daryl Barnes). The duo released four albums from the late 1980s to the late 1990s. Their first collaborate appearance was on the song, "Pimpin Ain't Easy" by Big Daddy Kane on his album, It's a Big Daddy Thing in 1989.

Nice & Smooth's biggest radio fame came from "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow...," from the group's second album,Ain't a Damn Thing Changed, released in 1991. The song was a moderately somber rhyme with introspective lines about poverty, AIDS, and drugs that was set to the guitar loop from Tracy Chapman's hit "Fast Car." In the summer of 1992, the music video received heavy rotation on MTV. "Hip-Hop Junkies," which featured a sample from The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" was also a hit, and it was once performed live on Keenan Ivory Wayans’ comedy/variety TV show, In Living Color. The duo is known for its humorous rhymes and catchy hooks. They often appeared as guest emcees on albums by the Beatnuts, Gang Starr, and Tony Touch among many others. They are represented by the Hip Hop Manager Dynamite of Grandmaster Flash Furious 5 Fame. 

Another notable song by the group is "Funky for You", off of their self-titled debut album. As a single it was released in 1990 and contained the following lyrics:

Hey, yo, Dizzy Gillespie plays the sax! , Me myself, I love to max!, Red-Bone booties, I'm out to wax! , Stick-up kids is out to tax!

The line "stick up kids is out to tax" was later sampled by hip-hop group Gang Starr.

Tupac Shakur intended to sign Nice & Smooth to his Makaveli label and even recorded tracks with the duo for theOne Nation album. Trugoy from De La Soul paid homage to Nice & Smooth by using each member's rhyming style in verses on the song “Simply Havin'” from De La Soul's AOI: Bionix album. Smooth B wrote rhymes for Bobby Brown that appeared in his debut album King of Stage and second album Don't Be Cruel. In 2005, he released a single titled "Game Over," which was produced by DJ Premier. In 1995 Greg Nice released the Club Banger Set it Off In 2001 Greg Nice scored again with the hit Start The Commotion with The UK's Wiseguys  on the Hit Compilation Now That's What I Call Music Vol 8 In 2012 after a few years of working individually Nice and Smooth teamed back up with Dynamite to hit the road again to tour Europe with stops in Germany Sweden Switzerland Austria and sold out date at London's Jazz Cafe.It had been close to twenty years since they last toured Europe and the fans came out in droves to welcome the duo back. Plans immediately were put to action for a full fledged tour of the United Kingdom. The duo returned to the studio and set to work and the results are the new smash single "2 Stepp"

Album Information

Nice and Smooth
•    Released: 1989
•    Chart Positions: #26 Top Hip Hop/R&B
•    Singles: “More & More Hits,” “Early to Rise,” “Perfect Harmony,” "Funky for You", "No Delayin'"
Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
•    Released: 1991
•    Chart Positions: #141 US, #29 R&B/Hip-Hop
•    Singles: "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow," "How to Flow," "Hip-Hop Junkies", "Cake"
Jewel of the Nile
•    Released: 1994
•    Chart Positions: #66 US, #13 Top Hip Hop/R&B
•    Singles: "Old to New," "Return of the Hip Hop Freaks"
IV : Blazing Hot
•    Released: 1997
•    Chart Positions: #75 Top Hip-Hop/R&B
•    Singles: "Blazing Hot," "Let it Go"


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