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Boogie Pimps

Its 4 hands, 2 heads, 1 mixer, ass shakin´, record breakin´, record makin´, aaaannnnddd it goes a little something like this….-THE BOOGIE PIMPIN´- On one of his many trips to the USA, Mark J Klak discovered New Yorks legendary “Tunnel”, where inside the Bucketheads took to the stage. From this one single experience came the turning point , the accomplished musician was converted to everything housemusic. The life of a Dj started as the first priority while producing his own music and delivering it to the people continued to grow stronger and stronger. Jon Henderson , the second half of the Dj/ Production duo, comes from Sydney. He has lived in Germany since 2006, working with Mark J Klak in the studio, and together they create the unique Boogie Pimps sound.

The Boogie Pimps shot to fame with the worldwide smash hit “Somebody to love” …the gold record taking pride of place on the wall at the Pimps studio. The follow up single “Sunny” also topped the Brittish billboard charts. Four videos were produced for these 2 songs across 3 countries, Cuba, South Africa and the Uk. These videos have featured on MTV, VIVA and music video channels the world over … stuff musicians dreams are made of. Since then, the Boogie Pimps have consistently released fresh tunes on labels Ministry of Sound and Superstar Records and have been under high demand for remixes for the likes of Axwell, KLF, Jason Nevins and Rosenstoltz, mixes which feature on playlists of the worlds top djs. The Boogie Pimps are, as Djs, booked worldwide and relentlessly tour Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and of course Ibiza. The Pimps continue to hold residencies, and play regularly in Moscow´s Neo Club and also Joue Joue club in Erfurt (Germany). With their grandiose and ever impressive Dj sets , the Boogie Pimps continue to demonstrate the pure club sound from which their Fans can uphold the belief:

IN PIMPS WE TRUST - The Boogie Pimps Releases: The Boogie Pimps- Somebody to love The Boogie Pimps- Sunny The Boogie Pimps- Make em drop The Boogie Pimps- The Music in me The Boogie Pimps-Gods Pimps The Boogie Pimps-Night Worx The Boogie Pimps- Flow Jo The Boogie Pimps- Then Came You (Pimpin Club) The Boogie Pimps – Then Came You (Pimpin Di RMX) Remixes: Kaycee-“The Truth”- Boogie Pimps remix Rosenstoltz-“ich komm an dir nicht weiter”- Boogie Pimps remix Voodoo and Serano-„Dont you know”- Boogie Pimps remix Claudio Mangione- “Mondo Grande”- Boogie Pimps remix Jason Nevins- “Im in heaven”- Boogie Pimps remix Villa and Gant- “Wind him up”- Boogie Pimps remix Whackside vs. Chic- “Le Freak”- Boogie Pimps remix KLF- “ Build a fire”- Boogie Pimps remix Rosenstoltz-“ Wir sind wir”- Boogie Pimps remix De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig- „Watskeburt“- Boogie Pimps remix Shibuku- “Crazy Situation”- Boogie Pimps remix Twisted Society vs Bilingual Freaks- “Nasty Seven”- Boogie Pimps remix Axwell- “ Its True”- Boogie Pimps remix

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Boogie Pimps  - "In Pimps We Trust" Housesession Records

01. Attack N Release (Album Mix)

02. All Day And All Of The Night 2k10 (Album Mix)

03. On My Own (Album Mix)

04. Major Tom (Album Mix)

05. Timeout (Album Mix)

06. 24Seven (Album Mix)

07. TV (Album Mix)

08. Brown Paper (Album Mix)

09. Knocking (Album Mix)

10. Time Won't Wait (Boogie Pimps Album Mix)

11. Supergroove Interlude (Album Mix)

12. Gettin' Funky (Album Mix)

In Pimps We Trust - no doubt! The worldwide audience can't be wrong about the Boogie Pimps urban club-sound over the time. Now, after ten years of rehearsal under the dramaturgy of director Mark J Klak, it's time for the premiere. Motion instead of bored listening: In Pimps We Trust is a story which will be told on the dance floor. And with this longplayer the Pimps are closing the german One-Hit-Wonder-chapter.  Another, a fascinating story begins with the words "Attack and Release". Live percussions meeting pumping squeezers and lovely background keys. You have to hold on for a second to handle this strong and special intro. So you can get into tracks like "All Day" and "Major Tom" with their pulsing synth basslines, dominating claps and sunshine melodies which are picking you up directly to the next Open-Air stage.

80's Synths, peak time action and the Boogie Pimps typical gimmick between dizzying atmospheric- and hands-up-parts are making the tracks so special. "24 Seven", "Brown Paper" and "Knocking" with their gorgeously treated disco loops are pretty much unique and already successful released. The secret behind such numbers is the touring experience - the Boogie Pimps know the audience and their preferences very well. And by the way, the duo is keen to experiment with new and old technologies and so you can hear wild self-made vocal parts, TB303 - homages and well done sample-gimmicks. Tracks like "Getting Funky" or "Time Waits For No One" are telling something more about the Boogie Pimps producing: Sometimes it needs a 2nd view over an old script to put today's beats into a new chapter. "Timeout", "TV" and "Supergroove Interlude" are leaving no doubt because of their clear beauty and the melodic volume - in Pimps you can truly trust!



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