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DJ Ravin

For Ravin, life is music. His worldwide search, to seek out melodies, unknown sensations and ignored talents are part of his everyday life. This musical quest is, above all, full of curiosity and passion. Whole worlds in a handful of beats. Sounds touching on spirituality.

Rhythms transcending cultures. Harmonies of the East melting into western breezes. Tracks telling their private story. Ravin delays the passing day. Slows down the earth’s rotation. He quietly asks you to accompany him on his lifelong musical journey. Crossing boundaries and instilling tranquillity and private calm. Indelibly connected to today’s electric union of global trends and world music, Ravin has created a luscious cocktail,. a spiritual union, infused with his extraordinary knowledge and deep love of the globe’s traditional sounds.

Ravin grew up in Mauritius and was raised according to the traditional Hindu teachings. He later moved to France as a teenager and rapidly focused on his long-time passion - music, mixing, playing, producing thus creating his own imprint. DJ Ravin’s fame rapidly grew through Paris nightlife and he began to play in famous celebrity haunts such as the Rex or Les Bains Douches. In 1997,

He played his first sets at Buddha-Bar Paris and greatly contributed to the concept’s unique musical signature, constantly expanding his horizons, before imprinting his unique fusion style on several compilations released by George V Records. Ravin is one of those artists in perpetual search. In search of perfection, wisdom and passion. Since the creation of the buddha-bar, Ravin felt right at home, and ready to touch his eternal goal. After a few years of work, he released the buddha-bar III, one of the most successful compilations of George V Records.

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