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Transported from a world that disco forgot, Dean “Fingers” Ramirez and Marco Nash found themselves, wearing the flares they were born in, living in a land that disco had definitely not forgot. They were misunderstood misfits in their homeland, but here, they were the coolest kids around!

 In a homage to the music they loved so much, they had an uncontrollable urge to bring that music to the masses, updated with a house twist. Trickster was born and disco was coming to a dancefloor near you.

 Before being transported off to another world to spread their disco gospel, Trickster managed to smash the clubs and the UK top 20 in 1998 with their debut track “Move On Up” on AM:PM, using a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s famous track.

 The Brothers Johnson were the next disco outfit to get the Trickster treatment. “Stomp” was released in 1999 and made an impact on dancefloors all around Europe.

 Their final swansong was a commissioned piece for DMC, this time they went for straight up house and covered JM Silk’s ‘Let The music Take Control”. This was a DJ only release but still it received critical acclaim from their peers.

 And then, as quick as they appeared, they were gone, whisked off to another world to bring disco and flares to the universe and beyond!


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