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Jelle van Dael

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, we give you Belgian’s finest.??

After 8 years ruling the dance industry touring the globe in award winning projects, entertaining 100.000’s of people, having worldwide radio airplay, she quickly made a big name for herself.??

This all round artist with a world of experience and charming high energy takes you on a trip to madness! The crowd just loves to watch her taking over the stage time and time again.??

 Jelle Van Dael

A high class performer, that’s for sure.? She really has it all..  TOP level DJ skills, uplifting MC Crafts.?She is a songwriter, producer and as cherry on top a LIVE VOCALIST. ??

Yes, she writes and sings her own tracks giving her a unique style and takes her to a whole new exclusive level of Artist/DJ’s.??

Playing at several underground clubs and touring South America, catching everyone’s attention.?She definitely owns the day & nights.?Like no one else she knows how to hype up a crowd, she is more than ready to blow your speakers!!??

JVD knows what she wants and always gives that full 100%.?What makes her happy? A crowd that goes completely insane. ?And trust me, they always do!

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