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Flawless Order

Flawless Order are a DJ/Production duo founded in early 2015, focused  on bringing back the old skool  UK garage sound, but  with  modern production techniques. Some of their songs flirt with elements of UK house but still retain a feel which had prominence in the late 1990s.

Their first release was a remix of the legendary 'Going On’ by Baffled, featuring the vocals of Ultra. This record was supported by UK Garage legends Todd Edwards and Jeremy Sylvester (aka Club Asylum) amongst many other mainstays in the UKG scene and notably Kiss FM’s Majestic.

Their second release was a UK house anthem entitled 'Taking You Down' featuring the vocals of Cassandra London. The track was made specifically for the walk in for British featherweight boxer Mitchell Smith and has been played on Box nation numerous times.

Their third release, due out in July 2015, is entitled 'Hold Me’ once again featuring the vocals of Ultra. The track is a summer  anthem consisting of Flawless Order's typical big  low end kick and bass line, alongside a catchy hook  and UK Garage  style vocal chops  reminiscent of the days when Sunship's  productions dominated the dancefloor in the late 90s/early 2000s.

They are now currently finishing off the final touches to their first EP entitled the ‘Got 2 Know E.P', featuring four 4x4 rollers designed purely for basement raves and sweaty late night dance floors. One of the songs features G Smoove from Baffled.

Amongst all of this musical output, they also have 2 remixes due for release in the near future and collaborations with some of the UK garage scene's finest MCs and vocalists, which they plan to showcase in the coming months.

Alongside their production and studio output, they are also keen dance floor enter­ tainers. Their DJ sets consist of their own tracks, unreleased exclusives and edits, alongside old skool UK Garage classics and new skool bangers, keeping the vibe fresh but giving a nod to the past. One half of Flawless Order is Eloby, an experienced MC and host who performed on the circuit back in the heyday of UK garage. When the crowd are craving interaction, Eloby steps up to the challenge to keep everyone entertained and responsive to each cut, fade and blend that the Flawless Order live DJ experience provides.

Flawless Order have got  the two  most important elements any modern electronic dance artist  needs, a solid and unique musical output, and an energetic, dance floor  focused  DJ set. They are now looking to take it to the next level and are excited to see what the future holds....

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