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Milk Inc feat Linda

It was Linda's dream to be a performing artist. She used to be part of a group called Secret Fantasy, but that group actually never broke through. She is very close to her mother, she supported her from the beginning Linda joined Milk Inc. She is without any doubt Linda's biggest fan.

After studying Art at highschool, she studied to become a hairdresser which she was for one year. She quit her job as a hairdresser cause at that time she didn't know which direction she wanted to go to with her life. Linda went to club Illusion with some friends and she found the courage to ask Regi if he needed a singer for a project and if she could do some auditions. She didn't know Regi was looking for a new Milk Inc. singer. He gave her his number and after a few weeks she contacted him for a first audition. After a second audition where she had to sing and dance, she was chosen to be Milk Inc.'s newest singer. In the meantime she accepted an interim job for 4 weeks to earn money so she had some time to think about which directions she wanted to go. At the 3rd day, she heard she was the chosen one so she immediately said she wasn't coming back for that interim job. At this point her singing career finally started.

So since 2000, Linda is the fourth and last vocalist of Milk Inc. During the years, Linda proved she can sing live very well. The last 3 years, Milk Inc. has had more full live shows and already 10 sold out concerts, here she had to prove herself each time.

She showed everybody she's more than a pretty face. On stage, you'll always see a cheerful Linda with one goal, making her fans happy


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