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Alex Party (Shanie Cambell)

Read My Lips Press Release

They Are Back!


The original Alex Party starters Shanie Campbell & Alex Natale

As they release their worldwide iconic club anthem


Officially! Unarguably! Indisputably!

Embedded in the history and culture of Dance Music

This new release is sure to get millions Of heads nodding across the globe

We all know it and love it, and for those who have yet to encounter this classic masterpiece you won’t be disappointed

Shanie & Alex 2016 Party - Read My Lips

It’s even got Hollywood superstars like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) shaking his Thang!


And David Tennant (Doctor Who) getting on Down!


As over 10 million viewer enjoy watching them do their thing on ITV’s the Ant & Dec Saturday Night Take Away/ Read My Lips Game Show

(Recently sold to NBC America)


SHANIE & ALEX 2016 PARTY Is the smash We All Love!

Mixes included:

1. Freejak Club 2. Elyaz Ohm Guru & Persi Platinum Club 3. Soul Seekerz Ferrari Club 4. Skinner & Bracks Remix

5. Freejak Radio 6. Elyaz Ohm Guru & Persi Platinum Radio 7. Soul Seekerz Cheeky Blinderz Radio

8. Elyaz Ohm Guru & Persi Radio



Shanie Campbell first treated us with her melodic and powerful vocals back in 1994 when she collaborated with the trend setting dance act Alex Party. Her first single with the Italian based trio (Visnadi brothers & Alex Natale) was the very catchy anthem "Don't Give Me Your Life". Through it's global success in clubland and the mainsteam charts, Shanie claimed fame from her extensive PA live performances and Television appearances.

Since then she has never looked back. With further releases from the band and a debut Album in 1996 with the newly added vocal version of 'Read My Lips' which Shanie had once again mastered and sprinkled with her deep groovy style. This Lady does not just have the voice of a 'Diva' - but the looks to match. Her curvy figure mixed-race good looks are stunning.

In 2001, Shanie went in a different direction with a Drum & Bass style guise of 'Cyba Space' releasing an album entitled "The Abstract". The very popular track "Spirit Of Love" featured on this originated from the Alex Party album itself. Her new D&B direction continued in 2004 when she teamed up with DJ's and producers 'Friction and NuBalance' with a track entitled "SoulSurfer". In the same year, Shanie released yet another catchy dance number "You Keep Telling Me" with 'Solo Chic'.

In recent years, Shanie has had private acting lessons & attended the London school of musical theatre and played the lead role in the west-end musical Brenda Bly Teen Detective.

In 2008 by popular demand Shanie re-released her massive 1994 global hit Don't Give Me Your Life courtesy of dance label All Around The World. Shanie has also just completed her new album entitled Night Fever. Currently in clubland her single "You're Still The One" which is causing a storm a track taken from the album.


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